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  1. A Dire Warning by Ahmed Deedat
  2. Ahmad Deedat Vs Eric Bock. Is Jesus God?
  3. Ahmad Deedat… Quran or the Bible Preview of UK Debate
  4. Ahmed Deedat & Anis sorrash
  5. Al Quran Visual Prove by Ahmed Deedat
  6. Al-Qur’an: The Miracle Of Miracles – Ahmed Deedat
  7. Arabs and Israel – Conflict or Conciliation
  8. Atheist-Islam Made Sense
  9. Beloved Prophet of Islam
  10. Bible and Quran which is God word
  11. Bible Course by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  12. Bible Test Failed
  13. Biblical Prostitution – No Mut’a In Islam/Osama Abdullah
  14. Challenge to Christian I dare
  15. Christian beaten
  16. Christian Family at Deedat Residence – Discussion
  17. Christian guest in the mosque
  18. Christian Missionaries At The I.P.C.I
  19. Christian Prince in Shame
  20. Christian’s Conversion by Yusuf Estes
  21. Christianity and Islam by Ahmed Deedat
  22. Chruch leader of Christian
  23. Combat Kit Course Against Bible Thumpers
  24. Converted to Islam by Yusuf Estes
  25. Crucifixion:Fact or Fiction – Douglas
  26. Da’wah or Destruction – Lecture in NY Masjid
  27. Dawah in the USA Ahmed deedat
  28. Dawah Training Seminar
  29. Deciet in Christian Evangelism – Deedat
  30. Deedat’s Encounter With Christian Missionaries
  31. Dust will never come down 2
  32. Early life of the Prophet
  33. Easter a Muslim Viewpoint
  34. Ezekiel 23
  35. False claim by Christian Prince Exposed and in shame Prince
  36. Fitna Exposed by Geert Wilders
  37. Gray Miller
  38. Hindu Woman converts to islam
  39. How do I know the word of God
  40. How NOT TO Do Dawah – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  41. HQ: No brainer- Yusuf Estes
  42. In pursuit of the truth
  43. Introducing Islam to non Muslims-Yusuf Estes
  44. Introduction to the Prophethood of Muhammad
  45. Is bible corrupted?
  46. Is Islam Spread By The Sword?
  47. Is it animal sex or human sex
  48. Is Jesus God? – Deedat vs Sjoberg 1 of 30
  49. Is Jesus God? – Ahmed Deedat vs Anis Sorrosh
  50. Is the Bible Gods Word Preview of USA Debate in UAE Deedat
  51. Is the bible the word of God – Deedat vs Sjoberg
  52. Islam & Christianity
  53. Islam and Christianity Jesus
  54. Islam Is The True Religion
  55. Islamophobia A sickness of dummy
  56. Israel Pros and Cons
  57. JEHOVAH’S Witness Visits Sheikh Ahmed
  58. Jewish Family At Deedat Residence
  59. Jewish Rabbi Exposes Israel & calls the ZIONIST Infidels
  60. Joshua Evan
  61. Judaism,Christianity or Islam by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  62. Justice And Equality – by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  63. Khalid Yaseen
  64. Khalid Yaseen
  65. Kuwait Series 1 – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  66. Life of Prophet Muhammad
  67. Man And God – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  68. Mental sick potatos make the video
  69. Miracles of the Quran
  70. Misconception about Islam
  71. Missionary Deception
  72. Muhammad’s Marriage to His Adopted Son’s Divorcee, Zaynab Bi
  73. Muhammad in the Bible – Ahmed Deedat
  74. On Challenge Christian Cry
  75. Pope And The Dialogue
  76. Man And God – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  77. Pornography Proof in the Bible
  78. Presenting Islam To Non-Muslims – Sheikh Ahmed Deedat
  79. Prophet Abraham
  80. Prophet Abraham2
  81. Prophet Lut
  82. Prophet Muhammad Marrage to Isha
  83. Prophet Muhammad allowed the killing of kids & women? VS Osa
  84. Prophet Muhammad Part 2
  85. Religious Situation of Pre-Islamic Arabia
  86. Sam Shamoun in shame
  87. Science in Islam
  88. Science proves Quran is from Allah
  89. Sequel Quran or bible 1 of 8
  90. Sequel to Quran or the Bible which is Gods word
  91. Sheikh Ahmed Deedat In the Spot Light
  92. Shobet Exposed like a Dummy
  93. Student Missionaries at Center
  94. The absolute truth about Muhammad in the bible
  95. The Glad Tidings of Deuteronomy
  96. The Lable Shows Your Intent, Wear It
  97. The Modern History of Christianity by Gary Miller
  98. The Proof of Islam
  99. The Prophet (PBUH) Of Islam And The Bible – Deedat
  100. The word Allah is in the Bible
  101. What is islam ? 135 people Br. Yusuf Estes Lecture
  102. Pornography in Bible in Arabic
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